Episode 52

Published on:

13th Sep 2021

This Week: Should the FCC Enact a Spectrum Screen for Mid-Band?

0:26: The 3.45 Auction is heating up. How the Spectrum Screen works and how it is supposed to work.

3:35: T-Mobile managed to lock out the bigger  players in the 600 mhz auction and got everything they wanted.

4:50: How much spectrum each carrier has  - do they have competitive parity?

6:26: Why the Sprint and T-Mobile Merger wasn’t the time to bring up competitive advantages and disadvantages.

7:30: Will a ruling come out before the 3.45 Auction?

10:27: Verizon has placed their bets on C-Band which isn’t active just yet.

12:34: The FCC is politically deadlocked - what could happen?

Tags: telecom, telecommunications, business, wireless, cellular phone, cellular service, Don Kellogg, Roger Entner, Recon Analytics, 3.45 spectrum, FCC, Clearwire, Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, PC Magazine,

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