Episode 51

Published on:

6th Sep 2021

This Week: OpenRan and Geopolitics with Linda Hardesty of Fierce Wireless

Analysts Don Kellogg and Roger Entner discuss Open RAN with Editor-in-Chief of Fierce Wireless Linda Hardesty.

0:26: How Open RAN has become politicized.

2:27: What are the security concerns with Huawei?

4:54: What is open about Open RAN.

5:47: Some complaints about Open RAN and the Open Ran Alliance, how security is handled.

8:01: How will bugs and issues be found in Open RAN code?

8:57: There is no such thing as absolute security.

11:23: Nokia announced it is pulling out of the Open RAN Alliance.

14:34: Will all the Open RAN upstarts be acquired by bigger players?

15:41: Open RAN solves some problems - what benefits it brings in terms of innovation.

16:59: Open RAN is already chipping away at the big vendors.

Check out Linda’s latest articles at Fierce Wireless here.

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