Episode 53

Published on:

20th Sep 2021

This Week: Inside the New iPhone Lineup with Avi Greengart of Techsponential

Analysts Don Kellogg and Roger Entner discuss the new iPhones with special guest Avi Greengart from Techsponential. 

0:26: Avi shares his thoughts on incremental upgrades with the new iPhone 13 lineup that was announced recently. 

1:26: An overview of the larger carriers’ offers on the new iPhone line and who might benefit from it.

3:02: A few really interesting findings with this new lineup.

6:01: What was in the fine print that Apple didn’t announce and what that means for consumers.

7:22: Camera enhancements are driving a lot of the upgrades for phones.

9:20: What effect will these new phones likely have on the carriers’ bottom lines and what else is playing into the year-over-year comparison.

10:41: Speed - what does it matter and what difference does 5G make?

14:03: Predictions on who will come out on top after these upgrades happen.

Follow Avi’s work at Techsponential here.

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