Episode 32

Published on:

26th Apr 2021

This Week: Verizon and AT&T Q1 Earnings

0:25: Verizon announced their Q1 earnings this week. 

2:02: Verizon Media had their second consecutive quarter of growth.

3:18: Is Verizon’s strategy a good one? 

5:25: How the death of cookies might impact Verizon.

6:28: Verizon wants to grow the value of the accounts they have.

7:11: Verizon is proud of their content distribution - is that a wise idea or not?

10:17: A summary of AT&T’s Q1 earnings.

13:49: AT&T’s practices have stopped their churn.

15:24: AT&T is walking a fine line of consumers being on their contracts too long - will that come back to bite them?

18:55: Speculations about T-Mobile’s Q1 announcement and how that could stack up against AT&T and Verizon.

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