Episode 34

Published on:

3rd May 2021

This Week: Earnings from Comcast, Charter, Altice and Dish

0:28: Q1 Earnings announcements from Comcast, Charter, and DISH. What the numbers mean.

2:42: Comcast changed their pricing structure.

4:21: Altice is trying to be defensive with their pricing structure.

 4:49: How Charter and Comcast are positioning themselves with their CBRS purchases.

6:04: DISH is struggling to keep up with the post-pandemic economy.

7:07: Historically what’s happened in  prepaid vs postpaid cellular plans in recessions. And how that’s affecting DISH.

10:33: Google, Apple, and Facebook released their revenue numbers this week too.

11:22: The chip shortage - what’s happening with that?

12:36: What does the drought in Taiwan have to do with the chip shortage?

13:26: Big Tech is posting big increases while under scrutiny for antitrust.

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