Episode 105

Published on:

19th Sep 2022

This Week: Satellite Technology and Phones with Peter Rysavy

Analysts Don Kellogg and Roger Entner discuss the latest news surrounding satellite technology interacting with mobile phones with special guest Peter Rysavy. Peter is the President of Rysavy Research.

0:44:  Peter shares how satellite technology works today.

1:16:  How are they going to create phone technology in a way that doesn’t have a massive antenna sticking off of it?

2:59:  The applications of this technology.

4:26:  The difficulties facing Starlink and AST Space Mobile on the heels of their satellite announcement.

6:18:  What is the market for emergency services only?

11:41:  Antennas and satellites versus physics - physics doesn’t budge 

Follow Peter on twitter: @peter_rysavy

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