Episode 88

Published on:

16th May 2022

This Week: MediaTek goes high-end, Qualcomm and connected cars, Dish launches a commercial network in Vegas

Analysts Don Kellogg and Roger Entner discuss the latest news in telecom, media, and technology. This week they are joined by Brett Clark. Brett is a Senior Director at Recon Analytics.

0:36: Roger shares about the MediaTek event that he recently attended - specifically regarding the Dimensity9000 chip. 

3:27: What QualComm is doing in terms of diversifying.

4:57: QualComm wants the software in cars to be updatable beyond the new car lot.

6:06: Roger was impressed with a presentation about the real life applications of 5G.

7:07: DISH’s event was focused on what they are doing in the mobile industry.

10:03: Where DISH needs to step it up and where they are struggling.

13:44: Signal Research just launched a report covering Rakuten’s strategy in Japan.

15:03: How fast can DISH build out their network?

16:35: Amazon and Microsoft don’t just want to work with ONE company - they want to work with them all.

Tags: telecom, telecommunications, business, wireless, cellular phone, cellular service, Recon Analytics, Don Kellogg, Roger Entner, QualComm, DISH, MediaTek, chips, Amazon, dimensity9000, Android, connectivity, automotive, OPENRAN, Amazon, Samsung, Rakuten, AT&T, 

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