Episode 87

Published on:

9th May 2022

This Week: 12GHz for Wireless - Why it's good for the industry and the public

Analysts Don Kellogg and Roger Entner discuss the latest news in telecom, media, and technology.

This week Roger and Don invite Jeff Blum-  EVP of External and Legislative Affairs at Dish, Chip Pickering - CEO of InCompas and Andrew Schwartzman - Senior Counselor at the Benton Institute for broadband & society on the podcast to talk about the 12 GHz band and why they believe it should be repurposed for wireless use.

 0:57: Jeff shares the history of the 12gHz band and how it’s been used traditionally.

3:35: The 12 gHz band could be used quickly to help 5G, but it sounds high, so how does its propagation work and what about interference?

4:26: Jeff shares the speeds possible on this band.

5:16: Chip shares about the coalition Incompas is part of.

7:12: This coalition puts emphasis on closing the Digital Divide.

8:39: The Benton Institute’s interest in 12gHz is divided between 3 main areas.

11:01: Now that the plan is to change the use of the 12 gHz band and the price of use will likely be higher, how is that in the public interest?

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