Episode 63

Published on:

29th Nov 2021

This Week: How has Broadband in the US Performed During the Pandemic?

Analysts Don Kellogg and Roger Entner discuss the latest news in telecom, media, and technology.

0:27: Roger shares about the white paper he wrote on the pandemic’s influence on broadband performance.

1:50: Fixed broadband was utilized more than the wireless networks.

2:31: Why did broadband perform as it did during the pandemic?

5:46: Comparing the U.S. and Japan in terms of broadband performance.

7:07: How Smart TVs affect broadband.

Check out Roger’s White Paper and study results in detail here: bit.ly/3HtAywL

Tags: telecom, telecommunications, business, wireless, cellular phone, cellular service, Don Kellogg, Roger Entner, media, Recon Analytics, broadband, pandemic, COVID, COVID-19, network, peak usage

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