Episode 27

Published on:

22nd Mar 2021

This Week: Closing the Broadband Gap with Dr. Nicol Turner Lee

0:26: What are the challenges around broadband access - especially for low income, rural, and POC. Why this is an urgent issue.

3:33: An examination of the trends in broadband access.

5:00: Dr. Lee shares her story about how she served those excluded from broadband access.

9:59: The reasons that people aren’t connected.

11:43: How a national program could help solve those problems.

12:26: How remote learning will affect African American and Latino students - but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

14:40: A discussion around expanding the funding formula.

17:17: It’s time to rethink where the money sits.

19:24: The No Child Left Offline initiative - what is it and what could it do?

Learn more about Dr. Lee here: https://www.drnicolspeaks.com/

Follow Dr. Lee on twitter @drturnerlee

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