Episode 26

Published on:

15th Mar 2021

This Week: C-Band Implications with Drew Fitzgerald

0:26: Drew shares about the big winners from the C-Band Auction.

1:14: What happened with DISH?

2:10: Cable walked away.

3:33: How will the national carriers pay for their winnings at the auction? 

4:43: How network quality affects the networks and the big question about building out the networks.

7:30: Verizon has done a lot of upgrading already - including radios which are compatible with its A-block spectrum

9:00: How well does 3.5Ghz spectrum penetrate walls and into buildings?

10:44: C-Band winners are facing a significant build out in order to use the spectrum indoors.

11:57: What is the comparison between what’s happening in Asia and European markets and the C-Band Auction?

14:27: Predictions about what c-band spend will mean for future auctions.

Follow Drew Fitzgerald here: https://www.wsj.com/news/author/drew-fitzgerald

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