Episode 187

Published on:

15th Apr 2024

Tihs Week: Spectrum Mobile's New Anytime Upgrade Plan, Roger gets stuck in traffic

Analysts Don Kellogg and Roger Entner unpack Charter's new Anytime Upgrade and Low-Cost Device Protection Plan, possible impacts to the cable industry, and the fading relevance of credit scores. Roger also discusses his eclipse viewing and the ensuing New England traffic nightmare.

00:52 Charter announces new Anytime Upgrade plan

01:35 Roger's take on $5 device insurance

03:23 Not subsidizing devices facilitates upgrades

04:21 Charter's strategic aims

07:38 Impacts to cable competitors

09:23 T-Mobile values payment history over credit scores

12:12 Roger's post-eclipse traffic jam

14:44 Planning for the next eclipse

More details on the Spectrum Mobile Plan:


Tags: telecom, telecommunications, wireless, prepaid, postpaid, cellular phone, Don

Kellogg, Roger Entner, Charter, Spectrum, upgrade, insurance, cable, Verizon,

T-Mobile, credit score, Comcast, Cox, 5G, solar eclipse, Google Maps, Iceland

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