Episode 61

Published on:

15th Nov 2021

This Week: Telecom Leadership Changes and the Future of Software Defined Networking with Dan Meyer

Analysts Don Kellogg and Roger Entner welcome Dan Meyer to the show. Dan is the Editor-in-Chief of SDxCentral, a publication that covers the software-defined space.

0:52: Roger shares the news of leadership changes at Verizon.

2:03: Who’s gone from T-Mobile?

3:57: Who the clock is ticking for.

5:40: Roger is waiting for a flattening of the AT&T Corporate structure.

8:44: What’s happening with back-end deals with cloud companies and hyper-scalers versus legacy carriers?

10:40: How is Google faring?

12:15: The carriers’ traditional roles are being challenged and overhauled.

14:20: DISH just reported - what that looked like and what they are likely to do moving forward.

Keep up with  Dan’s work at SDxCentral.

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