Episode 77

Published on:

28th Feb 2022

This Week: Semiconductor Supply Chain Update with Leonard Lee and Matt Hamblen

Analysts Don Kellogg and Roger Entner welcome Leonard Lee and Matt Hamblen to the show. Leonard Lee is the Managing Director & Founder of neXtCurve. Matt Hamblen is the Editor of Fierce Electronics. The topic of discussion is Supply Chain.

0:50: Semi supply chain issues - an update from Leonard.

 2:37: Discussing the example of the auto industry.

5:01: The supply chain will be affected by the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

7:00: Roger shares about his article on resilience.

8:56: Intel is trying to build plants in the U.S., how will this affect the supply chain?

13:09: Recent developments with China and IP.

14:18: The chip shortage is a result of policy.

17:07: Comparison of SE Asian company practices and China.

19:47: The importance of resilience and competitiveness.

Check out Matt Hamblen here: www.fierceelectronics.com

Check out Leonard Lee & The Rethink Podcast: www.next-curve.com

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