Episode 177

Published on:

5th Feb 2024

This Week: Q4 Earnings Recap, Roger Gets a Vision Pro

Analysts Don Kellogg and Roger Entner dive into the 4th Quarter earnings for both telecom and cable. They also discuss the impact of FWA, customer satisfaction in the cable industry, and Roger's exciting purchase of the new Apple Vision Pro.

00:38 Verizon's Q4 Earnings

03:24 FWA's impact

05:28 Verizon's postpaid adds

06:41 AT&T's Q4 Earnings

09:15 T-Mobile's Q4 Earnings

10:16 Customer satisfaction in the industry

12:18 Comcast's Q4 Earnings

13:56 Charter and cable vs. telco

18:33 Speed and satisfaction

19:29 Q4 Overview 19:50 Roger's Apple Vision Pro review

Tags: telecom, telecommunications, wireless, prepaid, postpaid, cellular phone, Don Kellogg, Roger Entner, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Comcast, Charter, Spectrum, Craig Moffett, fixed wireless, FWA, broadband, fiber, speed, customer satisfaction, Apple Vision Pro

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