Episode 11

Published on:

30th Nov 2020

This Week: Internet Governance and Standards Development with Dominique Lazanski

Analysts Don Kellogg and Roger Entner welcome special guest Dominique Lazanski to the show to discuss internet standards and big tech.

0:45: The distinction between the application and network layer and how network protocols can be influenced by large tech companies.

2:00: Dominique shares insights from her work on protocols co-authored with Mark McFadden.

3:58: Discussion about DNS over HTTPS.

6:30: The conflation between encryption and privacy.

7:09: DNS over HTTPS can disable content filters and why this is potentially harmful.

8:45: Can the information collected by the DNS servers be used to profit off web activity of everyday consumers?

10:00: The death of the cookie and its implications.

10:40: How individuals and organizations can influence development of internet protocols.

13:01: How Internet governing bodies manage individual/corporate influence over particular standards. 

16:08: The amount of governmental oversight or policy-makers involved in the standard-making.

Dominique's Website: https://lplltd.com/

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