Episode 48

Published on:

16th Aug 2021

This Week: DISH's Wireless Network Buildout with Scott Moritz of Bloomberg

Analysts Don Kellogg and Roger Entner welcome Scott Moritz from Bloomberg to discuss the latest news about DISH.

0:26: Scott Moritz recaps his latest article and goes in depth on how DISH is relaunching Boost and launching a new 5G beta in Q4.

3:45: What is “Project Manhattan” and how is Charlie Ergen leading his company?

6:02: How AT&T helped DISH through their wholesale deal.

8:35: What could the timeline look like after the Beta Test.

9:35: Why DISH is choosing to start in Las Vegas and Florida.

10:35: How will DISH likely differentiate to gain customers?

13:20: Part of the success T-Mobile has seen has come from their merger - how vested are regulators in creating a fourth network in the US?

You can find Scott’s latest articles for Bloomberg here.

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