Episode 20

Published on:

1st Feb 2021

This Week: AT&T, Verizon and Comcast Announce Q4 Earnings

0:26: It’s earnings season! Verizon’s numbers for the last quarter shows they are struggling to attract customers. What has been working for them and what hasn’t?

5:09: Verizon talked about their 5G sites and their 5G plans for 2021.

6:25: Comparing AT&T’s numbers with Verizon’s - is it better to have more net adds or better profitability?

7:48: Apple has reported an incredible 4th Quarter; a lot from overseas customers.

8:56: AT&T and Verizon didn’t have a problem with offering devices that no one wanted to buy - let’s compare their strategies.

9:22: Stores are closed for all companies, but COVID cannot be blamed for Verizon’s numbers.

10:52: Is there a difference between operational metrics and financial metrics? 

12:50: AT&T talked about their fiber - it’s a multi-use network.

14:47: Comcast released their numbers and have renegotiated their contract with Verizon which is good for them but not so much for Verizon.

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